Circular Design
Gestaltung der Kreislaufwirtschaft

Workshop: Innovations with Circular Design

Friday, 26.10.2018, b+office Berlin, 10-17, Workshop Language English

Learn in this workshop how to develop sustainable innovations and design with Circular Design.

Participants: This interactive workshop is for designers, interior designers, architects, entrepreneurs and others interested to learn and apply Circular Design.

Workshop Overview:

Circular Design is a design concept inspired by nature for designing the new regenerative Circular Economy. It combines different design strategies and tools, that enable to make products, furnishings or buildings for reuse. The Circular Economy of the EU focusses  on sustainable design of products and components with the ability to circulate after use completely or in parts in cycles, as changing ecological, social and climatic conditions make it necessary to do another design that allows to use the limited ressources in a more responsible way. Circular Design is one essential key component for the success of the circular economy.

Main Topics:

  • Circular Economy of the EU and the role of the designer
  • Circular Design Basics: Develop products for biological and technical cycles
  • Teardown Workshop
  • Core Ecological Concepts: consideration of planetary boundaries
  • Simulation Game Simplycycle
  • Life-Centred Design as driver of innovation: generate added value, improve local adaptation, promote biodiversity
  • Changes in design process for recycable products
  • Material choice, use of recycled material, reasonable use of biogenic materials
  • Use of Circular Design in architecture
  • Examples of new, valuable aesthetics
  • New business models
  • Impacts of innovative social development (open source, collaborative consumption)
  • Systemic view: expansion of focus to material flows involved, production processes and production conditions.

 Project ideas of participants can be discussed in the workshop.

Fee: 340€ including VAT, Students pay half

Workshop Facilitation:                  

Sonja Eser is a biologist and expert of Circular Design. She teaches and consults in the genre of circular economy and focuses on the ecological approach for designing products, services, processes and systems. She holds a lectureship at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, and she developed one of the very first Cradle-to-Cradle family homes. Author of simulation games as well es editor of the publication: "Circular Design in der Praxis".

Registration and further information:

Dr. Sonja Eser,

Tel: +49/(0)8709 94 388 38

Mobil: +49/(0)170 300 50 50