Circular Design
Gestaltung der Kreislaufwirtschaft

Teaching at DPM

Circular Design 1

Circular Design 1

Bachelor 5. Semester

Lecturer: Dr. Sonja Eser

The course focuses on following topics:

•      The Cradle to Cradle Design concept: designing products for circular metabolism

•      Sustainability strategies, major environmental issues and problem solving approaches

•      Core Ecological Concepts

•      Circular Economy as a European framework

Circular Design 2

Circular Design 2 within the experimental project work

Master 2. Semester

Lecturer: Dr. Sonja Eser

 Key topics in course:

•      Deepening of Cradle to Cradle Design concept 

•      Design Tools - adapting products to circularity

•     Focus on material health: suitable materials for products designed for circular metabolism

•     actual implementation in a projekt

•      Sustainable Marketingbng

ability Marketing

Circular Design 3 -Circul Adaptive project wor

Circular Design 3

Master 3. Semester

Lecturer: Dr. Sonja Eser

•      3. Cradle to Cradle Principle: Design for Diversity, Nature Inspired Design

•        Products as services, Design for Reuse

•      Design process, working with certain set of criteria and principles

•      New role of designers and new business models in the Circular Economy


Sustainability Marketing