Circular Design
Gestaltung der Kreislaufwirtschaft

Biomimicry Summer Workshop - Innovation Inspired by Nature

Organized by: Bioversum - Nature Inspired Systems

24.8.18 - 27.8.18, Dornbirn/Austria

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to incorporate Biomimicry Thinking into their work. It is organized by Bioversum - Nature Inspired Sytems in cooperation with European Biomimicry Alliance (EBA) and designforum Vorarlberg.

Bioversum—Nature-Inspired Systems is a non-profit member-based association registered in Austria. It is dedicated to furthering the advocacy, research, education and dissemination of theories, practices, methods and tools for systemic innovation inspired by nature—in particular, biomimicry, circular economy and circular design. Its member pool includes natural, social and applied scientists, inventors, engineers, designers, architects, entrepreneurs, managers and administrators, and, in general, people who are interested in contributing to the co-creation of sustainable futures. As such, they collaborate on research and other projects that lead to systemic sustainability and serve the common good. 

The European Biomimicry Alliance (EBA) is a transnational network of European experts in the field of innovation driven by biomimetic approaches.

Workshop Facilitation: Prof. (FH) Regina Rowland, PhD, Scientist-at-the-Design Table: Dr. Sonja Eser

Participants will become familiar with the Biomimicry Framework and the Biomimicry Practice. A defined design challenge will be the vehicle for practicing the Biomimicry Thinking Innovation Process and moving through the four phases of scoping, discovering, creating, and evaluating against the Biomimicry Sustainability Mandate of 26 Life Principles. Woven into this process will be information around the EU circular economy package and its steps towards a regenerative circular economy, where ecological design will play an important part in the future. The process is highly collaborative, transdisciplinary, and creative, Design Thinking methods are also part of the methodology. Participants walk away with a thorough understanding of the living systems inspired innovation process and resources in their hands to replicate this process in their own worlds.

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